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[MacPerl] Quick Question

I realize that this may not be the place to post this question, but
hopefully one of you may be able to point me in the right direction...

I have created over 100 pages through the usage of perl.  Anyway, it is
a series of pages that are all linked together to show pictures.  I am
trying to put a pull down menu on the page that has the full list of
images and the value of each entry is the name of the associated page.
I am trying to get it so that when you select an item in the pull down
menu, it will take you to that page.  I have found code that will do it
for radial buttons, but I can not find anything for pull down menus.  I
do not wish to have a submit button and would like it to go to that page
when an item is selected.  Is it possible to have it set up in straight
html and not through perl to go there.  I have compiled this to run on
all computers without perl capabilities.  That way, I can compile a CD
and ship it out.  The only solution that I can think of is Java-Script.
If anyone knows of a solution or where I can find it, please let me

Thanks in advance.

Michael D. Kirkpatrick
Web Builders Internet Services Inc.

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