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Re: [MacPerl] Troubles using GD examples

At 6:53 AM -0300 6/29/99, Arved Sandstrom wrote:

>On Tue, 29 Jun 1999, John C. Potter wrote:
> > Arved,
> > Thanks for the info.  I realize it's not finding the library.  The problem
> > is that GD.pm sits at the top most portion of the library folder.  Yet, the
> > "GD" module is being looked for underneath the "auto" folder.
> >
> > The only file that is in my folder "which is being looked from the error
> > indications" is ...:lib:auto:GD:autosplit.ix
> >
> > ...:lib:auto:GD:GD.pm does not exist there.
> >
> > Instead, it exists at ....:lib:GD.pm
> >
> > In general, I don't see what the auto folder is being used for and what
> > role the Dynaloader is playing.  And why the auto folder is being
> > referenced in an error message when I don't even reference it in my @INC
> > path.
> >
> > Do I have to do something special to the auto:GD folder to make this work?
> >
>The :auto:GD: folder is being referenced because GD.pm uses Autoloader. In
>this case GD has no autoloaded subroutines, but there still is a file
>'autosplit.ix' in :lib:auto:GD which is referenced as a timestamp. So
>that's why that folder is being referenced.

GD is an XS module.  There should be a ...:lib:MacPPC:auto:GD:GD 
shared library (or MacCFM68k if that's what you're using). That's 
what DynaLoader would be complaining about if it weren't there or 
couldn't be loaded.  If this is a 68k machine, you must also have the 
CFM68k extension installed.  If you don't, I don't know what the 
errors would look like, except that there'd be some sort of failure.

So let's start with this: is the GD shared library installed in the 
proper place?  This may have already been established, since I 
haven't been following this thread closely, but the quoted material 
suggests it was DynaLoader, not AutoLoader, that was complaining.

>When Autosplit and Autoloader are used, the auto folder comes into play.
>When there actually are subroutines split out by Autosplit, they show up
>as .al files in :auto (a subfolder thereof).
>Desperate hacks I can think of: check your $^O variable and make sure it's
>"MacOS". Can't see what would frig this up, but you never know.
>Comment out the 'use Autoloader' in GD.pm. See what that does.
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Paul J. Schinder

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