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Re: [MacPerl] Troubles using GD examples

On Tue, 29 Jun 1999, John C. Potter wrote:

> Arved,
> Thanks for the info.  I realize it's not finding the library.  The problem
> is that GD.pm sits at the top most portion of the library folder.  Yet, the
> "GD" module is being looked for underneath the "auto" folder.
> The only file that is in my folder "which is being looked from the error
> indications" is ...:lib:auto:GD:autosplit.ix
> ...:lib:auto:GD:GD.pm does not exist there.
> Instead, it exists at ....:lib:GD.pm
> In general, I don't see what the auto folder is being used for and what
> role the Dynaloader is playing.  And why the auto folder is being
> referenced in an error message when I don't even reference it in my @INC
> path.
> Do I have to do something special to the auto:GD folder to make this work?
The :auto:GD: folder is being referenced because GD.pm uses Autoloader. In
this case GD has no autoloaded subroutines, but there still is a file
'autosplit.ix' in :lib:auto:GD which is referenced as a timestamp. So
that's why that folder is being referenced.

When Autosplit and Autoloader are used, the auto folder comes into play.
When there actually are subroutines split out by Autosplit, they show up
as .al files in :auto (a subfolder thereof).

Desperate hacks I can think of: check your $^O variable and make sure it's
"MacOS". Can't see what would frig this up, but you never know.

Comment out the 'use Autoloader' in GD.pm. See what that does.


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