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Re: [MacPerl] Code cleaning and questions

Geoffrey C Kinnel wrote:

> Robert Pollard wrote:
> >
> [snip]
> > I have a mission.  It is to install a Unix version of Perl on my Sun servers, write
> > database access routines to access Oracle and then be able to use a custom MacPerl
> > application to read the Oracle data via Proxy.
> >                                         ^^^^^
> Robert,
> Sounds like a worthy mission. Make sure you read the fun stuff
> Larry et al. put in the make scripts when you compile Perl on the
> Sun. :)
> Just to be sure: You are aware of the DBI module and DBD::Oracle?
> I assume from the above text that you'll use DBD::Proxy on the

>From what I understand according to Chris and others on the list, there is no
DBD::Oracle module for the MacPerl.  But you can use Proxy.  Someone on this list has
accomplished this.  I don't know how but they was able to do it.

> Mac, but I wasn't 100% sure. Just making sure you know what tools
> are there.

Thanks.  I am aware of the DBI and DBD::Oracle modules but that is as far as it goes.  I
have no clue how to use them.  I assume the documentation will have something on them
when I install it.

I saw an offer the other day from O'Reilly to get Unix Perl with several books on CD
(1800+ pages) for 149.00.  I like this since I get all the books I believe I will need
plus the CDs with sample code, utilities, etc.  Do you think this is a good deal or do
you know about something better?

Thanks for the pointers!

Robert Pollard

> Geoff

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