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Re: [MacPerl] Code cleaning and questions

On Fri, Jun 25, 1999 at 12:35:15PM -0500, Robert Pollard wrote:
} I saw an offer the other day from O'Reilly to get Unix Perl with several books on CD
} (1800+ pages) for 149.00.  I like this since I get all the books I believe I will need
} plus the CDs with sample code, utilities, etc.  Do you think this is a good deal or do
} you know about something better?

The CD may not be worth having.  You'll need to check to see which
perl they have on the CD; the current version of perl is 5.005_03.
Snapshots of CPAN are out of date the day they are made.  You might be
better off just downloading the stuff you need, so you have the
up-to-date versions.  As I recall this package came out quite a while
ago, and I don't know if they bother to keep the CD reasonably up to
date.  (Checking the ORA web site, it looks like this came out in
November '97, so the CD is probably useless if it hasn't been

} Thanks for the pointers!
} Robert Pollard

Paul Schinder

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