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Re: [MacPerl] Code cleaning and questions

At 14.00 -0400 1999.06.25, Paul J. Schinder wrote:
>On Fri, Jun 25, 1999 at 12:35:15PM -0500, Robert Pollard wrote:
>} I saw an offer the other day from O'Reilly to get Unix Perl with several
>books on CD
>} (1800+ pages) for 149.00.  I like this since I get all the books I
>believe I will need
>} plus the CDs with sample code, utilities, etc.  Do you think this is a
>good deal or do
>} you know about something better?
>The CD may not be worth having.  You'll need to check to see which
>perl they have on the CD; the current version of perl is 5.005_03.
>Snapshots of CPAN are out of date the day they are made.  You might be
>better off just downloading the stuff you need, so you have the
>up-to-date versions.  As I recall this package came out quite a while
>ago, and I don't know if they bother to keep the CD reasonably up to
>date.  (Checking the ORA web site, it looks like this came out in
>November '97, so the CD is probably useless if it hasn't been

There is a Perl Bookshelf CD, with the text of the books on the CD (I don't
recall which Perl books are on the CD, but a description is online).  That
won't be unuseful to many people, though certainly CPAN on a CD can be

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