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Re: [MacPerl] Any shareware advice ?

At 1.27 -0400 1999.06.27, Max_Harper@veritasdgc.com wrote:
>     My plan is to write some shareware for the Mac.  The sort of stuff
>where you write some code and then charge a few dollars for a registration
>fee ?  Can anyone offer me any advice on this ?  If you know where there is
>a forum for this sort of thing, or if you have written some yourself, what
>were your experiences ?

My advice is to give your software away, like most people in the Perl
community do.  :)

If you want to do some reading, head over to http://www.stairways.com/ and
look for the pages on information for shareware authors or somesuch.  Peter
N Lewis does a good treatment of the issues (though I don't completely
agree with him, but to each his own).

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