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Re: [MacPerl] Introduction

> Does anyone have any comments or advice about that?

Go to <http://www.freddyfrog.com/hacks/genpage/> and download genpage.

Print out the source code, get a red pen, and start figuring out what does
what. Refer to documentation when necessary. Write small snippets of code
that attempt to do one specific thing (maybe something that you don't
understand) and play with it until it works (or doesn't).

Post questions. Keep at it. Realize that, coming from a design background
(or so I infer), you've got a different worldview than most hard core geek
type people, so the explanations they offer aren't going to make a lot of
sense sometimes.

good luck,

John S Jacobs Anderson                      jacobs@azstarnet.com
www.treefort.org/~jacobs/ <--   GeneHack (bioinfo*linux*opinion)

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