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[MacPerl] Introduction


I have just joined this list after succcessfully installing MacPerl on
my G3 laptop.

My background with Perl:
I've been muddling through teaching myself perl for the past 2 years,
trying to get help from groups like comp.lang.perl.misc, only to be
miserably humiliated.

I have a UNIX account which I was using to upload and test scripts but
it has proven too overwhelming for me, since I do not know UNIX much
more than "l -al" ! ;) Having Macperl locally I hope will aid in
shutting out the complexity of using a UNIX interface such that I can
just concentrate on learning Perl.

I probably have every single book there could be on Perl, save the
MacPerl book, (that will have to be the next purchase) but they are not
written clearly and they assume an already working knowledge of
programming and computer languages overall. And when one is trying to
solve problems, spending hours trying to find an answer on FAQs,
newsgroups, etc. is becoming ridiculously frustrating to me. If I could
FIND the answers that would be a different story, but usually this is
not the case.

I am an artist, first, and great Mac diehard, but I want to learn Perl
desperately (without having to pay a fortune in classes or having some
arrogant programmer take my money and teach me nothing...) to add to my
skillset, and therefore be able to bill a higher fee. Besides wanting to
make a living, I see the future in Perl. (Die, Microsoft die die)

With one last try I am hoping this list is much friendlier given the
fact that Mac users are just more decent humans. I am happy to share my
resources, what little I have, too.

What I want to do:
Currently, I am interested in using Perl to build a web publishing
system for myself and some of my customers. 

I have it mapped out in my head, but going about setting it into code is
problematic for me. I want to use the OO aspects of Perl5, implementing
modules (esp. cgi.pm), etc.

Does anyone have any comments or advice about that?



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