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Re: [MacPerl] Introduction

At 11:43 -0700 6/30/99, madame philosophe wrote:
> I have just joined this list after succcessfully installing MacPerl on
> my G3 laptop.

Ta Da! Welcome.

> I've been muddling through teaching myself perl for the past 2 years,
> trying to get help from groups like comp.lang.perl.misc, only to be
> miserably humiliated.

That is, sadly, a common complaint.

> With one last try I am hoping this list is much friendlier given the
> fact that Mac users are just more decent humans. I am happy to share my

We think we're very nice here in MacPerl land.

> I probably have every single book there could be on Perl, save the
> MacPerl book, (that will have to be the next purchase) but they are not
> written clearly and they assume an already working knowledge of
> programming and computer languages overall.

We tried to write the MacPerl book so that people with no prior programming
experience could use it. Please let us know how well we succeeded (we tried
very hard, but it's beren a long time since the authors had no programming
experience... one loses the edge over time).

> Does anyone have any comments or advice about that?

Definitely use CGI.pm.

Consider joining the macperl-webcgi list as well for specifically CGI
related questions.

Be sure to _try_ to look things up before asking (we acknowledge that
looking things up is difficult) and be willing to ask for (and accept)
pointers directly to the documentation as the answer (looking things up is
easier when you know where to look). That said, people here are more likely
to provide the answer along with the pointer and less likely to just say
"It's a FAQ".

Include actual code when possible and give more specific details about
failures than "it doesn't work".

Welcome -

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