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Re: [MacPerl] Introduction

madame philosophe wrote:

> Hi,
> I have just joined this list after succcessfully installing MacPerl on
> my G3 laptop.
> My background with Perl:
> =======================
> I've been muddling through teaching myself perl for the past 2 years,
> trying to get help from groups like comp.lang.perl.misc, only to be
> miserably humiliated.

You are not the only person to have bumped into the snobbery wall
present on usenet.  One of the organizers of the San Francisco
chapter of the Perl Mongers user group frequently cites it
as the reason he wanted folks to meet at SF.pm.  There is something about
meeting folks in the flesh that tends to civilize.  You might try
to lookup a PM group in your area.  http://www.pm.org/

> I have a UNIX account which I was using to upload and test scripts but
> it has proven too overwhelming for me, since I do not know UNIX much
> more than "l -al" ! ;) Having Macperl locally I hope will aid in
> shutting out the complexity of using a UNIX interface such that I can
> just concentrate on learning Perl.
> I probably have every single book there could be on Perl, save the
> MacPerl book, (that will have to be the next purchase) but they are not
> written clearly and they assume an already working knowledge of
> programming and computer languages overall. And when one is trying to
> solve problems, spending hours trying to find an answer on FAQs,
> newsgroups, etc. is becoming ridiculously frustrating to me. If I could
> FIND the answers that would be a different story, but usually this is
> not the case.

The MacPerl book was especially written presupposing little or no prior 
programming background.  Since you want to try things on a Mac it is an 
ideal book for you.  I recommend purchasing it, though the HTML version 
is visible at:  http://www.macperl.com/ptf_book/

> I am an artist, first, and great Mac diehard, but I want to learn Perl
> desperately (without having to pay a fortune in classes or having some
> arrogant programmer take my money and teach me nothing...) to add to my
> skillset, and therefore be able to bill a higher fee. Besides wanting to
> make a living, I see the future in Perl. (Die, Microsoft die die)

The O'Reilly book on Programming Web Graphics with Perl & GNU Software
may eventually be of interest to you _if_ you have access to linux or BSD, 
the GIMP et al. It does not have a Mac orientation though.

It may come as a surprise but there are folks who work on Perl that
very much want for it to work well with whatever Microsoft manages to
sell to lots of folks.  Indeed Microsoft is helping to fund a company
that will further the development of Perl on Windows.  Ironically enough
that effort may pay dividends for users of MacPerl.

> With one last try I am hoping this list is much friendlier given the
> fact that Mac users are just more decent humans. I am happy to share my
> resources, what little I have, too.
> What I want to do:
> =================
> Currently, I am interested in using Perl to build a web publishing
> system for myself and some of my customers. 
> I have it mapped out in my head, but going about setting it into code is
> problematic for me. I want to use the OO aspects of Perl5, implementing
> modules (esp. cgi.pm), etc.
> Does anyone have any comments or advice about that?

When posting to the list in an effort to debug a problem try posting
a small sample of the perl code that you are having trouble with,
describe or include what the output of the code is, what you expected
the output to be, and what the difference is.  People may respond with 
questions regarding which version of various software you are using, including
MacPerl, a Perl module, system software etc.  Be prepared to answer these
questions and eventually how to upgrade various pieces.  I came across
a beginning Perl programmer who was taking a class at a University where
work assignments were submitted to run on Unix.  Oddly enough, after several
weeks had gone into the semester that person did not know about the 
perldoc program on Unix, nor the Shuck program on the Mac.  These are 
documentation viewing tools and you will come to appreciate them (eventually).
For general programming concepts try also reading the amusing portions 
of books, magazines such as www.perlmonth.com, or various web pages.

Peter Prymmer

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