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Re: [MacPerl] Introduction

madame philosophe wrote:
> Having Macperl locally I hope will aid in
> shutting out the complexity of using a UNIX interface such that I can
> just concentrate on learning Perl.

Good idea. Macperl does a good job of 'Macifying' Perl without
making any unnecessary compromises.

> With one last try I am hoping this list is much friendlier given the
> fact that Mac users are just more decent humans. 

Well, the folks on comp.lang.perl.misc are (mostly) decent humans
too, but many have reached their newbie limit. And if someone
barks, remember, it's not going to be fatal. :)

[my lame artist analogy] Imagine someone coming to you with a
brand new set of top of the line acrylics, and expensive squirrel
hair brushes and saying "Why can't I paint like Titian, I have
the tools?". Then imagine that question repeated every day, for
years. Imagine as well, people, one after another, saying "all I
have is blue and yellow, and I need green!". Imagine people with
paint by numbers books, wanting to create masterpieces. That's
what comp.lang.perl.misc can seem like to the old timers. [end
really lame analogy-with apologies. :)]

> Does anyone have any comments or advice about that?

John had some good advice. Take it in little chunks, trying to
thoroughly understand each step. Perl is big. Macperl is big.
Start little, and build gradually. Alternatively, if you know
what you want, but implementation is difficult, hire a Perl
programmer. Pay them for their service, and you get the code.

Hope that helps,

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