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Re: [MacPerl] Introduction

Geoffrey C Kinnel wrote:
> [my lame artist analogy] Imagine someone coming to you with a
> brand new set of top of the line acrylics, and expensive squirrel
> hair brushes and saying "Why can't I paint like Titian, I have
> the tools?". Then imagine that question repeated every day, for
> years. Imagine as well, people, one after another, saying "all I
> have is blue and yellow, and I need green!". Imagine people with
> paint by numbers books, wanting to create masterpieces. That's
> what comp.lang.perl.misc can seem like to the old timers. [end
> really lame analogy-with apologies. :)]

I love this analogy. Brilliant.

As far as recommendations for newbies (and I'm a newbie myself to
MacPerl - though I've been futzing with perl here and there at gunpoint
- modifying scripts and custom stuff for awhile.

One of the best books I've seen on a "Primer" on Perl+CGI is "Perl and
CGI for the World Wide Web: Visual Quickstart Guide."

It explained some things in the first 10 pages that I had to distill
riffling through many pounds of crap books (O'Reilly excluded).

Like - the little niggling things that everybody's supposed to know -
and no guru is around to tell you when you're going it alone.

Worth a look:

(Take it with a grain of salt - I don't have *near* the expertise and
experience of the folks on this list).

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