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[MacPerl] Introduction

>I have it mapped out in my head, but going about setting it into code is
>problematic for me. I want to use the OO aspects of Perl5, implementing
>modules (esp. cgi.pm), etc.
>Does anyone have any comments or advice about that?

Yep, for one thing map everything out on paper first. Make a flowchart,
etc. The more detail you have written down, the easier it will be to
accomplish your task.

Second, when you post questions, be specific. If you've been humiliated in
the past, maybe it's because you threw out vague questions or issues that
are covered in the first chapter of every Perl book.

Third, let humiliating remarks roll off your shoulders. Letting it bother
you will just take away from valuable time you could be writing code.

And one more thing. If your wanting to get into OOP and using modules, and
you claim to be at a novice level, that's great, but you are jumping the
gun a bit. Start with the fundamentals, then move on.

- J

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