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Re: [MacPerl] Modify folder sort order settings?

At 10.04 -0400 1999.06.02, Chris Nandor wrote:
>    $dinfo->frView(1);
>    $catinfo->ioDrUsrWds($dinfo);
>    FSpSetCatInfo($dir, $catinfo) or die $^E;
>  }, @ARGV);
>In "frView(1)" put an integer corresponding to the view you want.  I don't
>know what numbers correspond to what views.  1 is icon, I think 2 is name.
>You can figure it out by trial and error (I perused IM online and couldn't
>find it).

Hm, I tried again, and now it seems these are flags, not just integers 1,
2, 3, etc.  You might need a resource of some kind to help out, but you
might be able to do trial and error.  You might want to set a folder how
you want it, then print $dinfo->frView for it.  That value will be the one
you want to set for the others.  Good luck,

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