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Re: [MacPerl] Perl in the workplace

>At 18.53 -0400 1999.06.15, Paul J. Schinder wrote:
>>However, I agree with the sentiment.  A simple telnet-style terminal
>>under MacOS and ftp to transfer files is a fine way to run Unix.
>I work full time doing primarily Unix work, and have a just dandy time
>using telnet, ssh, and FTP (with Anarchie Pro and BBEdit), along with
>MacPerl my other Mac OS tools that make my life good.
>Chris Nandor          mailto:pudge@pobox.com         http://pudge.net/
>%PGPKey = ('B76E72AD', [1024, '0824090B CE73CA10  1FF77F13 8180B6B6'])

Thirded. I work this way most of the time and find the Mac/Unix combo a joy
(just bought an iMac and a x86 Linux box so I can work that way at home
too). The ability to work in perl on both platforms is a v. nice --- and I
find it a useful reminder of the OS/perl divide which helps keeps code more

Also enables me to give the same scripts to the techies (on the Unix boxes)
and the designers (on the Macs) and keep them all happy :-)

If you can persuade your sysop (or are one) netatalk is also a fine
addition on the Unix side since you can then mount unix directories as Mac
volumes and avoid all that FTP nonsense :-)

ObMacPerl: I've often thought it would be nice if there was a perlish way
of being able to drag text clippings onto droplets (eg making the clipping
look like a file in ARGV), rather than having to write a "Macish"
interface.. What do other people think?



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