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Re: [MacPerl] Perl in the workplace

At 13:07 -0700 6/16/1999, Vicki Brown wrote:
>Actually, what I do is keep my originals on my Mac. I work on them, syntax
>check them, test bits, then I save a COPY to the FTP server. That way, my
>interim saves are very fast (and local), the one on the FTP server is the
>"working" version (or at least ready to test), I can do a lot of interim
>saves (I'm paranoid, what can I say :-), and I get a free backup in the
>bargain. One working copy on the Unix server and a backup on the Mac.

My problem is that the text being edited is html that is being 
targeted by cgi scripts on the Solaris server, so the changes have to 
be on the server one way or another in order to see if whatever was 
broken is fixed. Because of some peculiar local server conditions 
(basically some directory cloaking, stylesheets scattered hither and 
thither, etc.) and my frustration with trying to run MacPerl scripts 
on local Mac web servers (lots of inexplicable stalls), I just find 
it easier to work out of emacs/telnet once the basic tagging and 
other cleanup is completed on the Mac locally.

Richard Gordon
Gordon Consulting & Design
Database Design/Scripting Languages

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