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Re: [MacPerl] Perl in the workplace

At 09:16 -0400 6/16/99, Richard Gordon wrote:
> Altho that would be useful, my understanding is that using netatalk
> can impose  a big hit on general performance at least with Linux.

We haven't noticed any performance hit either on MkLinux or on FreeBSD.

> Ftp isn't so bad, but does have some practical limitations. If you
> are editing a large text file on a server via BBEdit's ftp feature,
> every save involves transferring the entire local temp file back to
> the server.

Actually, what I do is keep my originals on my Mac. I work on them, syntax
check them, test bits, then I save a COPY to the FTP server. That way, my
interim saves are very fast (and local), the one on the FTP server is the
"working" version (or at least ready to test), I can do a lot of interim
saves (I'm paranoid, what can I say :-), and I get a free backup in the
bargain. One working copy on the Unix server and a backup on the Mac.

I keep _all_ of my source code on my Mac; I like BBEdit's Find and File
group capabilities.
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